Soldier Down

Click HERE for Barbie’s SCAR blog.

It is with profound sadness that I must share the news of Barbie Ritzco’s passing. My deepest condolences to her family and all who knew and loved her. The SCAR Project has lost one of its most beloved and passionate family members. She will be deeply missed. xx ~David Jay

SCAR Barbie’s obit is HERE.

In lieu of flowers, her family requests, per Barbie’s wishes, that donations be made to charities Barbie was invested in, like The SCAR Project .

Here’s a video I shot of Barbie talking a little about her involvement with The SCAR Project at the SCAR Toronto exhibit:

Here’s a close up pic of Barbie’s tattoo. And since I don’t really know how to end this post so I will let that picture have the last word.


About joulesevans

Occasionally radioactive with a chance of superpowers. I use them to fight cancer. Also I write. My first book Shaken Not Stirred...a Chemo Cocktail is available on Amazon and Kindle. I'm currently working on a sequel to Shaken, a figuring out life after cancer/travel memoir about a bucket list road trip I took of Route 66.

6 responses to “Soldier Down”

  1. Heather Plimmer says :

    It was only when I saw the Scar P
    roject, that I knew I wasn’t alone! Flat and Fabulous in Canada!

  2. Myli says :

    Beautiful woman with wings

  3. Sara K Boghdan says :


    ♡ My heart is broken, and sometimes there are so many tears that I feel like I could drown. This is so hard.

    Thank you for your friendship. Knowing and loving you was a gift to my heart. Until we meet again…hugs and kisses sent to heaven. I’ll ALWAYS love you, Monkey. ♡

  4. 53old says :

    …now guarding the streets of heaven.

  5. helensamia says :

    Saw this exhibition in Sydney a few weeks ago. So very moving … It really speaks to the truth if breast cancer. Thank you David

  6. Sean Alden Fitzgerald says :

    Seriously, you people amaze me 🙂 Thank you for your work. 🙂

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