Soldier Interrupted

Reblogging this. Barbie is currently battling a recurrence with the bitch that is breast cancer. Thought it would be lovely if everybody sent up a little love<3

The SCAR Project Blog

[It humbles me and is my deeply felt honor to defer this post to my friend/survivor sister/wounded soldier/and one of the newest SCAR girls, Barbie. I was at Barbie’s quite recent SCAR photo shoot. She is one of the three newest young women to be photographed by David Jay for The SCAR Project.  By that, I mean UNFORTUNATELY… there are new SCAR photos… which is why we are doing this. The youngest of the 3 was 22. She was diagnosed when she was 21. Barbie was diagnosed WHILE IN AFGHANISTAN. I’m sorry for the all caps but again… this is why we are doing what we are doing. We must end this bitch of a disease. I think SCAR Project LA producer Diana Haye said it best: “Try fighting in Afghanistan, getting diagnosed with breast cancer, having a mastectomy, and then having the guts and fortitude to help raise awareness for…

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About joulesevans

Occasionally radioactive with a chance of superpowers. I use them to fight cancer. Also I write. My first book Shaken Not Stirred...a Chemo Cocktail is available on Amazon and Kindle. I'm currently working on a sequel to Shaken, a figuring out life after cancer/travel memoir about a bucket list road trip I took of Route 66.

4 responses to “Soldier Interrupted”

  1. Jamie Barents says :

    Oh shit. I used to be on facebook and connected there with Barbie and all the Flat and Fabulous women.. I am a military wife… not a service member myself, but a wife with a husband who has served 0 yrs. I am a breast cancer survivor as well. Hey Barbie – if there is anything we can do to help – even just walking the dog or whatever – or if you ever want to talk – call me. I’m in your area. I respect the hell out of you, my sister.

  2. lynnjtaylor says :

    Wrapping you in love and light Barbie.

  3. vivsmiles says :

    Sending you love and big hugs. Keeping kicking this cancers butt sweetie! xxxx

  4. Denise vonMillanich says :

    keeping you in my thoughts and in my heart Barbie. I hope you’ll get through this. Keep your chin up sis! XOXO MamaBear Denise

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